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A Tribute to Courage and Commitment in Honoring International Women Human Rights Defenders

The United States honors the unwavering commitment of women and girls around the world who are at the forefront of promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms in their communities as we celebrate International Women Human Rights Defenders Day. This commemoration honors the crucial role played by women in defending human rights, who frequently put their governments in jeopardy and work to advance everyone’s rights.

Defending Rights Despite Obstacles:

These brave women are steadfast in their dedication to creating inclusive and accessible societies despite experiencing gender-based violence, threats, intimidation, physical and online harassment, imprisonment, and other forms of harm. “Defending women’s and girls ‘rights is rooted in our democratic values of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all,” according to Secretary Blinken. And we make life better for everyone when we promote equality and protect women’s rights.

Global Courage Recognition:

The annual Global Human Rights Defender Awards, which recognize the contributions of five outstanding women human rights defenders, were reinstated by the United States earlier this year. These people act as crucial voices fighting against and exposing violations of human rights, enacting environmental protection measures, improving governance, and guaranteeing accountability. The United States commits to defending the efforts of human rights defenders around the world and to continuing to support their vital work.

Important Anniversaries:

The United States is steadfast in its support of these advocates, commemorating both the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and the 75th Anniversary of recognizing the UN’s Declaration. The country is still dedicated to removing obstacles that prevent women and girls from participating in public life, advancing their efforts to uphold fundamental rights, and fostering global leadership.

The world as a whole honors these remarkable women’s bravery, tenacity, and dedication on International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, acknowledging their crucial contribution to advancing human rights and laying the groundwork for an ever-more just and equitable world.

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