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Speech: The international community must make UN peacekeeping fit for today’s challenges

I want to stress three points as we begin this year’s session: The United Kingdom attaches great value to the work of this Committee in driving forward peacekeeping reform through practical, consensus-based recommendations. Chair, all of us have a responsibility to make peacekeeping fit for today’s challenges, and the United Kingdom is committed to the Action for Peacekeeping agenda and A4P+ priorities. First, there is more we can do to keep peacekeepers safe and secure. This includes enhancing medical capabilities and countering improvised explosive devices. Providing troops with the right pre-deployment training and equipment is key. To play our part, the UK continues to train around 10,000 peacekeepers in Africa each year, including in counter-IED, peacekeeping intelligence and first aid skills. Peacekeepers also deserve the full cooperation of host states and respect for their freedom of movement. Addressing anti-UN disinformation and Status of Forces Agreement violations should be a priority for all members of this committee. Second, better performing missions are better able to protect themselves and civilians. Thorough implementation of the Integrated Peacekeeping Performance and Accountability Framework, underpinned by the Comprehensive Planning and Performance Assessment System, should deliver higher standards of safety and mandate delivery. Such high standards should also extend to conduct and discipline. Tackling sexual exploitation and abuse in peacekeeping must remain a priority. Thank you, Chair. I want to start by commending the dedication and courage of all UN personnel in the field. I pay tribute to the more than 4,000 peacekeepers who have lost their lives since 1948, including three just today in Mali. And third, ensuring the full, equal and meaningful participation of women in peacekeeping and peacebuilding is not only the right thing to do, but also enhances operational effectiveness. To date, the UK has contributed .4 million dollars to the Elsie Initiative Fund to promote uniformed women’s participation. We hope this year’s report will agree tangible recommendations on Women, Peace and Security. Chair, we all have a stake in the peacekeeping system. The United Kingdom stands ready to engage in a spirit of constructive compromise to agree a substantive report this year. We owe nothing less to our peacekeepers.


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