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Guidance: Living in Colombia

Check the Republic of colombia entry requirements in our trip advice. In the event you enter Colombia by get, you should make sure your passport is certainly stamped by the immigration specialists. Failure to do so may result within a fine on departure. If the immigration office on the boundary is closed, seek guide at the nearest office with Migración Colombia. To up to date: The departmental capitals about Amazonas, Vaupes and Guainía are only accessible by atmosphere due to the lack of road structure in these departments. Countless income-related benefits such as Pension plan Credit and Housing Gain cannot be paid if you’re overseas for more than 4 weeks.

Before you go

NOTICE: UK Travel insurance providers planning generally cover your professional medical costs if you live foreign.


Find out how you can get married or maybe get a civil partnership international

Visas and residency

Medical facilities during Colombia vary widely inside quality. In large towns and cities and state capitals, personalized clinics provide good quality take good care of routine treatments and complicated treatments. Make sure you have right travel health insurance and accessible finances to cover the cost of any medical treatment abroad and repatriation. Don’t assume all travel health insurance policies provide cover private, or emergency chunks of money so check your policy previous to travelling. Public health facilities and the great in smaller cities are generally ill equipped and badly funded. Ambulance services inside remote areas are untrustworthy and public hospitals often lack adequate medical equipment. Guidance for voyaging by road in Colombia see https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/colombia/safety-and-security Driving standards are poor and traffic problems are common. Avoid driving in the evening, which can be particularly hazardous. Rarely hitch-hike. The risk of violence and kidnapping is higher in most rural areas, and there is a good risk of being caught around roadblocks set up by illegitimate armed groups. Main driveways are generally safe during hours of sunlight. If you are the victim of any crime, have been arrested, or are affected by a crisis,   get in touch with the British Embassy through Colombia. Should you be visiting Colombia, you can generate with a valid UK driving a motor vehicle licence for the duration of your legitimate stay. If you’re living in Republic of colombia, you will need to apply for a local travelling licence. More information is available with the Colombian Ministry of Moving. Check the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Issues – Cancillería website, for additional information on the Colombian visa standards, costs, application, and forms of visas.

Passports and drive

To or leave Colombia having a pet, please check the Colombian government control agency Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario. Dengue fever, malaria, discolored fever and Chikungunya anti-virus are present throughout the country, however the coastal and southern state governments with lower altitudes are classified as the most affected, especially throughout or shortly after the damp season between April and even November. You should take steps to prevent yourself from being bitten by mosquitoes.

Clinical in Colombia

Check the Colombian Ministry regarding Foreign Affairs – Cancillería website, for more information on the Colombian visa requirements, costs, job application, and types of visas. See our travel ideas for Colombia for advanced information on entry requirements, local laws and customs, essential safety and emergencies. Pharmacies in Republic of colombia are known as “droguerías”. They can be identified with a cross over a logo and can be easily seen in the main cities in Colombia, but are less accessible in out of the way areas. Most pharmacies within Colombia will have a sending service. You should note that medications must be written in Speaking spanish, in the metric system and using the medicine’s generic name. If you have a UK Blue Badge together with live in Colombia, you must profit it to the original ENGLISH issuing authority. Examine guidance on: If you wish to take your vehicle with you, see https://www.gov.uk/taking-vehicles-out-of-uk

Health risks

British nationals can certainly enter Colombia for up to 90 days as a visitor without a visa at the discretion of the Colombian Immigration Officer on birth. You may need to provide evidence of next or onward travel. Should you be issued with a Colombian visa for australia with more than 90 days’ validity, you must register the australian visa at a Migración Colombia place of work or online within two weeks of arrival in Colombia, or face fines. Examine the latest entry requirements on the Colombian Consulate General working in london before you travel. When you plan to study in Colombia, you must apply for a visa or approve at the nearest Colombian ambassade or embassy. If you are in england you can contact the Colombian Consulate in London. Check the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Extramarital relationships – Cancillería website, check out on the Colombian visa demands, costs, application, and varieties of visas.


When it comes to residence requirements and information regarding obtaining an identity bankcard known as Cédula de Extranjería (CE), contact the Colombian Immigration authorities. Read the guidance on returning to the  UK  permanently which includes facts about bringing family members, tax not to mention access to services.

Employed in Colombia

Read the guidance if you should travel with medicines Driving abroad https://www.gov.uk/driving-abroad If you’re planning to hire your vehicle, check with your car hire provider for information on their requirements prior to deciding to travel.

Studying for Colombia

Read the guidance on world parental child abduction but if your child may be at risk of this specific. Your life certificates for UK State Pensions


If you’re a British/Colombian dual national, you must enter in and leave Colombia using your Colombian passport and Colombian identification card (Cédula). Read State Pension plan guidance if you have lived in Questionnaire, Canada or New Zealand and you are claiming or ready to claim your UK Assert Pension. If you get a ‘life certificate’ from the UK Pension check Service, you must respond at once. Your payments may be suspended understand what.


See our home elevators the Support for British Nationals Abroad online manual that sets out how Uk nationals can stay secure abroad and how the FCDO can help if you do get into condition. If your child has United kingdom nationality,   you do not need to join up the birth with the UK  authorities to apply for a British passport..


If opening the bank account, you will be expected to publish certain documents. Please consult the bank of your choice about desires. For information on the banking principles and private funds (AFP) policies in Colombia, please contact the Superintendencia Finaciera via Colombia. This institution controls and supervises the economical, insurance and private funds devices, and prevents and finds money laundering and terrorism financing. One can find further information on the Registraduría Internacional del Estado Civil web site. Foreign nationals homeowner in Colombia can political election in municipal and district elections in the last place wherever they had established their place of residency. They can elect Area Administrative Boards, Municipal Local authorities and Mayors. They cannot decide Governor or Assembly. Check the Colombia’s travel advice regarding passport validity requirements.

Money banking

You may be able to vote in a few UK elections. You can: If someone dies in Colombia understand our guidance on: US dollars and Euros are widely exchangeable.

Accommodation and buying properly

You may be competent to extend your stay once you are in Republic of colombia by up to 120 nights by applying at the immigration place of work Migración Colombia. As a guest, you cannot remain in Colombia for over 180 days in any 12-month period. Don’t overstay your current visa, you will be fined as well as risk deportation at your acquire cost.

Driving throughout Colombia

You should get professional advice on paying taxation in Colombia. Find an English-speaking lawyer in Colombia. Read the assistance with what actions you must do drive an automobile legally in Colombia. Tap water is safe to drink just in Bogota. You should drink only bottled water and avoid cool in drinks. You can find most medication in pharmacies in large towns and cities, but medicine for complicated treatment may be unavailable through rural areas and compact towns. You may need a prescription from a local doctor to get some manipulated medicine. UK health authorities have grouped Colombia as having a possibility of Zika virus transmission. Look at and advice, visit the blog of the National Travel Wellbeing Network and Centre web site. See purchasing a property abroad. Dial the 123 for emergencies, the police as well as ambulance services or call: Check which UK many benefits you can claim while to another country and how to claim them. Follow the advice for the Colombian and your local important. You should also read the Colombia Getaway Advice. You can get or renew your United kingdom passport from Colombia. If you have a health condition, or you are usually pregnant, you may need specialist medicine abroad. Check whether your personal destination country can provide often the healthcare you may need and ensure you have got appropriate travel insurance for quick medical evacuation or native treatment.


If you are called for a letter authenticating, certifying or validating your GREAT BRITAIN driver’s licence, you should follow the information available on drive lawfully in Colombia. If you have been the sufferer of a rape or sexual intimacies assault in Colombia, see the Colombia: information for patients of rape and reproductive assault. This information is provided being a guide only. You should get conclusive information from the Colombian government bodies. The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) is just not liable for any inaccuracies with this information.

Births, deaths, marriage and sencillo partnership


This guide sets out important information for British people moving to or living in Colombia. Read about how the Embassy in Colombia can help. If you retire throughout Ecuador, you can claim your UK State Pension or even new UK State Pension plan. Contact the International Pension check Centre for further information.


Read general guidance on transferring or retiring abroad

Marriage not to mention civil partnership

When you plan to move to Colombia not to mention work, you should apply for a visa for australia or permit at the nearest Colombian consulate or embassy. If you are in the UK you can get in touch with the Colombian Consulate working in london.


Disabled drivers


For information on taxes, be sure to contact the Direccion sobre Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales and check the Tax treaties and related documents between UK and Colombia.

  • 111 for disasters attention
  • 112 for emergencies
  • 119 in the fire brigade
  • 123 to help report a missing young child
  • 141 for children and young people’s protection
  • 144 available for civil services (Defensa Civil)
  • 132 for Colombian Inflammed Cross
  • 165 for GAULA – Anti-kidnapping Police
  • 167 for Anti-kidnapping, Anti-Terrorism in addition to Anti-Extortion Police line
  • 147 for Anti-kidnapping, Anti-Terrorism and additionally Anti-Extortion Army line
  • 106 for mental health anxiety and psychosocial support
  • one hundred and fifty six for CAI – Quick Attention Centre (Centro sobre Atención Inmediata)
  • 155 to help report domestic violence instances and Purple line (women’s helpline): +57 018000112137 as well as WhatsApp +573007551846
  • ‘#767 to have National Roads Institute (INVÍAS)

Creditcards are widely accepted for Colombia but use with worry and keep receipts. When using any ATM, try to do so through business hours inside a bank, supermarket or large professional building. Be particularly aware before and after using an ATM on the street – robberies are common, specially at night. If you are on a health professional prescribed for any medication , you should make certain you have a supply of it, or are qualified to obtain it when in Republic of colombia. You will be responsible for determining your own personal medication legality in Republic of colombia. You should consult your DOCTOR before travelling to Colombia to discover more on any alternative medication. Always keep your personal medication in the original tube, bring sufficient quantities of your medication with you, pack your current medication in your carry-on baggage and carry a copy within your prescriptions. If you need emergency medical assistance during your trip, you should dial 123 to ask for assistance (in Spanish). Contact your insurance/medical assistance firm promptly if you are referred to a medical facility for treatment. Check the following link to register for medical care access if you are a resident on Colombia. If you cannot register for healthcare, you must ensure you have confidential healthcare cover for Colombia.

Returning to the UK

If your child is born in Colombia you should register typically the birth with the local authorities. In the following link, you can check the nearest Civil Registry Office to create a reservation.   You can then apply for with the UK authorities together with apply for a UK birth document.


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