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Mikhail Mishustin meets with manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines

The meeting took place at the Biocad Research and Production Centre during the Prime Minister’s working trip to St Petersburg.

by Mikhail Mishustin

from the transcript:

Good afternoon, colleagues.

Mikhail Mishustin meets with manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines

We meet regularly to monitor all the issues related to
COVID-19 vaccine rollout. The Sputnik V vaccine is now available in all regions,
with over 310,000 doses shipped so far. We have analysed the regions’ readiness
to receive, store and distribute the vaccine. The necessary local
infrastructure has been mostly streamlined. Over 1,200 medical organisations
have been designated for administering the vaccine.

Please, remain on top of the situation along the
entire chain, including production, delivery, storage and vaccination points,
all the more so as the pace of vaccine production is picking up. We estimate
that medical institutions will receive almost 6.5 million doses in January-February,
which is a good number. In any case, our plans are being overfulfilled, which
is great news.

Today, we toured two production sites for making
domestic medications, including those for helping people with cancer and the
circulatory system diseases. We saw how the production of our first COVID-19 vaccine
– Sputnik V – is organised. It is now being supplied to all regions of the
country in order to protect the life and health of our people. The Sputnik V
vaccine production is a process that is unmatched anywhere in the world. Today
it is being produced at four sites. The fifth is in the process of
registration. The number of these sites will expand. I’m confident this will
help increase the output.

The production of our second vaccine, EpiVacCorona, is
also up. More than 7,000 doses have been delivered to the regions, and over 14,000
will be delivered by the end of the year. The manufacturer says that medical
organisations will have received over 50,000 doses by February.

It is important to streamline the supply chain for
both vaccines. The Federal Distribution Centre is already operational. I want
the involved departments to keep in mind that its second phase must be launched
without delay regardless of the upcoming holidays. This will make it possible
to store many more vaccine doses. Once again, vaccination should be picking up pace
and be administered on holidays, too, in compliance with applicable requirements.

Russian-made vaccines are in demand in other countries
as well. It is important to continue to transfer domestic technology to foreign
production sites. It is not enough to share competencies. We need to get
feedback from our foreign colleagues and engage in corresponding collaborations.
This work is already underway online. We need to join our efforts and to scale
up the production. Today, we will discuss progress in this area.



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