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Government lifts restrictions on crossing Russia-Belarus border

Starting 18 March, all
restrictions on movement within the Union
State of Russia
and Belarus
will be lifted. The corresponding directive was signed by Prime Minister
Mikhail Mishustin.

The document follows
the agreements reached by Mikhail Mishustin and Prime Minister of Belarus Roman
Golovchenko who was in Moscow
on 14 March.

Personal trips from Russia to Belarus and back have been strictly
regulated since 2020. Only trips for family visits, medical treatment, and
studies were permitted.

“Freedom of movement
is important for the development of trade and economic cooperation and people-to-people
contacts between our brotherly nations. Today it is vital due to the increasing
restrictions imposed by unfriendly countries. I believe that strengthening integration
within the Union State
is the best response to the sanctions pressure on Russia
and Belarus,”
Mikhail Mishustin noted in his opening remarks at the Government meeting on 17


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