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Alexei Overchuk attends Eurasian Economic Commission Council meeting

Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk took part in a meeting of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission, held via videoconference.

The participants
considered the current aspects of further Eurasian economic integration and
assessed the progress on removing barriers in the Union’s internal market,
industrial cooperation matters, the use of navigation seals to track shipments,
and zeroing import customs duties for a number of goods. The Unified Search
System Work Without Borders project received particular attention.

The parties reviewed
a report on the implementation of the digital project Work Without Borders, a
search system for vacant jobs and job seekers across the national information
systems of the EAEU member states. They decided to organise a one-time
commissioning of the system to put it into industrial operation on 1 July, 2021
across the EAEU. The system will enable its users both job seekers and
employers, to select one or more EAEU member states they consider for getting a
job or recruiting personnel, send a search query to national information
systems, and receive information on vacancies and resumes.

The Council
members were also informed about the use of the Travelling without COVID-19 app
in the territory of the EAEU. “The app works for four countries, namely the
Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian
Federation. The Republic of Kazakhstan is also expected to join by the end of
May 2021. We are closely monitoring the feedback on the app. Considering that
more than 190,000 people have already used it, we can safely say that the
technology has been successfully tested and helps to minimise the COVID-related
risks during travelling. The app is user–friendly and convenient for the regulatory
authorities. Non-EAEU states have been showing a great deal of interest in it as
well. We will advance a proposal for making its use compulsory when crossing
the borders of the EAEU member states,” Alexei Overchuk said.


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