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Increased Danish focus on combating foreign fighters and ISIL Daeshs sources of income

“We have discussed ways for the coalition to continue its military progress, in particular in Iraq, allowing us to liberate even more people from the ISIL/ Daesh reign of horror. Denmark is in continuing dialogue with the USA and the coalition on how we can contribute even more in a military aspect, and it remains the firm intention of the Government to deploy the Danish F-16 fighter jets, as soon as they are ready later this year.”

“In order to defeat ISIL/ Daesh, we must also make a greater civilian effort. The Government has therefore decided to provide DKK 28.5 million to the coalition’s work with combating the inflow of foreign fighters, preventing extremism, stemming ISIL/ Daesh’s money flow and counteracting the terrorist organisation’s horrific propaganda. Among other things, the contribution will be used to limit ISIL/ Daesh’s money transfers across the region, fund exit programmes for people wanting to leave extremist communities and finally co-operate with local NGOs in working against ISIL/ Daesh’s propaganda. Denmark has good capabilities in these areas, so I am very content that we are now focusing more on these aspects of the fight.”

“At the same time, it is vital that we take action very early to stabilise the liberated areas, and that must be an integrated part of the strategy to defeat ISIL/ Daesh. In all liberated areas, we must first and foremost ensure that people have access to basic services, security and justice”, says Kristian Jensen.
Today’s meeting in Rome was chaired by the Italian Foreign Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, in unison with John Kerry; it was attended by the so-called “small” coalition group of 25 countries. At the meeting, Denmark briefed on its regional efforts to combat terrorism under the Peace and Stabilisation Fund, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark launched in late 2015. A budget totalling DKK 28.5 million across 2015-2017 has been made.

Particular focus areas are:

• Capacity building of ’Financial Intelligence Units’ (similar to the Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime (SØIK in Danish)) in Jordan, Lebanon and likely Iraq; tasked with limiting ISIL/ Daesh’s funding through money laundering and informal money transfers. This assistance will be given in close co-operation with the Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime and will cover training, analysis and capacity building, including within the use of specialised IT equipment.

• Capacity building of preventive schemes in municipalities in Jordan (Amman), Tunisia (Tunis) and Lebanon (Beirut) aimed at persons in risk of becoming a part of extremist communities. This will be delivered through a close partnership between Danish municipalities and the Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing on topics such as transferring best practices from the Danish Prevention Model.

• Capacity building of exit programmes aimed at persons already engaged in extremist communities in Jordan (the ’sharp end’ of the prevention spectrum). This pilot project is run in a partnership with the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET in Danish) to determine how an effective exit strategy against foreign fighters can be developed and implemented

• Support for the coalition’s strategic communication targeting ISIL/ Daesh’s ideological propaganda. This project is undertaken in partnership with the United Kingdom, in co-operation with local or regional Arabic-speaking civil society organisations inside Iraq. The activities are intended in part to render false, counter and undermine ISIL/ Daesh messages online; in part to promote reconciliation in Iraq through dialogue coupled with positive and realistic, alternative narratives.

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