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Major international energy conference coming to Denmark

Next year, Copenhagen will host a major energy conference, Africa Energy Forum, and around 2000 delegates from across the world.

The conference gathers together public and private sector stakeholders from the energy industry to focus on investment opportunities in the African energy industry. The international organisation, EnergyNet, is behind the conference, and has chosen Denmark as host country in 2017.


”This is a big accolade for Denmark, and a good platform for promoting Danish companies’ involvement in Africa’s energy industry. The arrangers have selected Denmark because of our unique experiences of investing in sustainable energy in African countries such as Kenya and South Africa, and we are proud to be a showcase,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen, who continues:


”We use public sector development money to raise capital from pension  funds, foundations and private companies for energy projects in developing countries, not least in Africa. This model plays a very central role in the drafting of new development strategies for the fulfilment of the 17 Global Goals, not least Goal no. 7 on sustainable energy and Goal no. 13 on climate efforts.”


The theme for the conference in Copenhagen in June 2017 is expected to be development financing institutions – and it is Denmark’s Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) that plays such a central role in the development of energy projects in a number of countries, including Africa. 


EnergyNet arranges investment forums, investment meetings and conferences focusing on the energy and industrial sectors in Africa, including both conventional and sustainable energy. 

The announcement of Copenhagen as host city will be made at this year’s conference in London on 24 June. 


For further press information, contact: Poul Kjar, +45 4186 5975.


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