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U.S. Participation in the EU – Sanctions Coordinators Forum – United States Department of State

Building on the unique economic and security partnership between our economies, the U.S. Departments of State, Commerce, and Treasury, along with delegations from the UK and Ukraine, joined senior EU and member state government officials for a Sanctions Coordinators Forum in Brussels today.  The Dialogue reinforced our shared commitment to strengthen our cooperation on sanctions by bringing together senior officials to discuss impacts and enforcement of our Russia sanctions regimes.

We reaffirmed our shared commitment to supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and opposing Russia’s aggression and that sanctions are a key tool in that effort.  The delegations discussed the use of targeted sanctions to deter and disrupt malign Russian activity and to demonstrate our readiness to take action to defend international norms.

In response to Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine, we have imposed unprecedented costs on the Kremlin and its collaborators with our allies and partners.  Since the start of the war, the United States has designated over 3,500 individuals and entities, blocking billions of dollars in assets.  Sanctions and export controls are starving Russia’s military of key components and technology and restricting Putin’s ability to fight a 21st century war.

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