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The particular Ninth Biological Weapons Tradition Review Conference

While the last consensus document did not consist of all the improvements proposed with the United States, we are confident this particular document is a step forward within improving implementation of the Meeting. We will continue to work with additional countries who share the goal of a world free of biological weapons, while ensuring that legitimate biological and public health research continues under effective safety and security guidelines and assisting some other countries to meet that objective.
The Review Conference established a new Operating Group that will make recommendations on actions to strengthen the BWC. These will address developments in science and technology, confidence-building and transparency, conformity and verification, as well as nationwide implementation measures, international cooperation, and preparedness and response.
The Ninth Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) Review Conference concluded on December sixteen with the adoption by general opinion of a final document, which launches a new, expert-led procedure to strengthen the BWC to address the challenges for the future. We congratulate Special Representative Ken Ward and his group for their hard work during the 3 weeks of the Review Conference and the numerous preparatory conferences over the past year. We also commend Ambassador Leonardo Bencini, President of the Review Conference, for his dedication in bringing the States Parties to consensus on a final document.


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