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Announcement of Joe Kennedy 3 as U. S. Special Envoy to Northern Ireland for Economic Affairs

Joe has dedicated his career to general public service, including eight yrs in the U. S. Home of Representatives, tenure because Massachusetts Assistant District Attorney, and service as a Peace Corps Volunteer. He will draw through his extensive experience to aid economic growth in Northern Ireland and to deepen U. S. engagement with all towns
Today we are launching the appointment of Joe Kennedy III as the U. S. Special Envoy to Northern Ireland for Financial Affairs. In this capacity, he will focus on advancing economic development and investment opportunities in Northern Ireland to the benefit of all communities as well as strengthening people-to-people ties between the Usa and Northern Ireland. Their role builds on the long-standing U. S. commitment to supporting peace, prosperity, plus stability in Northern Ireland in europe and the peace dividends from the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement.
In seite an seite, U. S. diplomats in Europe and Washington will continue to engage with political leaders on efforts to restore the particular Northern Ireland Executive and to resolve differences on the North Ireland Protocol.
I look forward to Joe’s engagement and service with the people and leaders of North Ireland.


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