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Roughly 9,000 women killed so far in Gaza war: UN Women

At the current rate, an average of 63 women will continue to be killed if the fighting goes on.A UN Women rapid assessment of 120 women, conducted last month, revealed that the majority, 84 per cent, said their family eats half or less than what they did before the war began.Nearly nine in 10 women reported that is harder to access food than men. Some are now resorting to scavenging for food under rubble or in dumpsters, or other measures.“In 95 per cent of those cases, mothers are the ones going without food, skipping at least one meal to feed their children,” UN Women said.

Famine fears

The same study also showed that most women indicated that at least one person in their family had to skip meals during the previous week.Roughly 37 mothers are killed every day, leaving their families devastated and their children with diminished protection.UN Women estimated that 9,000 women have been reportedly killed by Israeli forces since conflict erupted nearly five months ago. However, the figure is likely to be higher as many more are reported dead under the rubble.“While this war spares no one, UN Women data shows that it kills and injures women in unprecedented ways,” the agency said in a press release issued late on Friday,

Mothers skipping meals

This week, UN agencies warned the Security Council of looming famine in Gaza, where the entire population, 2.3 million people, will soon face acute levels of food insecurity – the highest share ever recorded.Even though mothers and adult women are tasked with sourcing food, they are the ones who eat last, less, and the least.Meanwhile, 10 out of 12 women’s organizations in Gaza reported being partly operational, according to a UN Women report on the gender aspects of the conflict, issued in January.“Unless there is an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, many more will die in the coming days and weeks,” the agency said.  “The killing, bombing, and destruction of essential infrastructure in Gaza must stop. Humanitarian aid must get into and across Gaza immediately.”


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