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Reimagine the Next Normal: staff voices design United Nations 2 . 0

The dialogues brought together more than 180 colleagues from 52 duty stations. Over 25 volunteers from the field, Bangkok, New York, plus Geneva, moderated 26 classes held (as at day of publication). Broad variety in each session has been achieved through the use of a ‘randomising’ tool developed by a colleague in peacekeeping.     Not only does the conversation mechanism offer a safe space for the global exchange of ideas, it also makes possible the particular sharing of feedback plus insights with senior administration, human resources, and other fora, assisting to ensure staff voices are heard and valued.     The primary goal of a series of dialogues brought by the global #NewWork team was to provide personnel along with opportunities to envision the ‘Next Normal’ at the UN. The ‘Reimagine the Next Normal Dialogues’ aimed to facilitate the particular exchange of ideas over the UN, driving organizational culture change from the bottom up.     A number of these staff ideas have been endorsed for implementation, including institutionalizing the dialogue mechanism itself. This will guarantee the Organization offers an ongoing method for staff to contribute a lot more directly to transformation and adjustments proposed in the future.  

  • Agile Teams which encourages all teams to cultivate an agile mindset to be a lot more adaptive and versatile.
  • Digital Literacy & Equipment which promotes knowledge on technology plus ongoing digital transformation to assist personnel feel at ease with revolutionary tools and develop electronic literacy.
  • Hybrid Teams which illustrates the importance for organizations to assist staff and managers develop skills and competencies to higher adapt to hybrid work configurations.
  • Increasing Innovation which underlines the particular essentiality of sprouting new ideas through participation within innovation-related events and programs.

Influenced by the Reimagine the UN Together Dialogues and the UNHQ Next Normal Dialogues, the Reimagine the Next Normal Dialogues focused on four themes associated with our post-pandemic workplace lifestyle:   A previous circular of dialogues that focused on planning and preparing for the ‘Next Normal’ at UNHQ produced a series of ideas in 12 workstreams, which fed directly into a report on recommendations for the Next Normal that visited the Secretary-General.     The initiative has been recognized by the Career Development Roundtable (CDR)1 held within Milan in December 2021 having an award in the Staff Wedding category. The award appreciates the successes and milestones #NewWork has achieved in uniting staff, breaking down silos, and working towards company culture change.   #NewWork will continue to harness the power of group intelligence to address challenges and develop an agile, revolutionary and inclusive workplace lifestyle.   Ensuring everyone has access to consistent info is a critical pillar as we move toward the ‘Next Normal’. Furthermore, by equipping all staff with the tools they need and focusing on inclusion, we build stronger relationships and bolster trust.     Empowering staff voices creates ripple effects, inviting more active participation to co-create the vision for the ‘Culture from the Next Normal that We Want’ and to support the trip to “UN 2 . 0” as laid out in Our Common Plan .     As the ‘Next Normal’ dialogues captured staff voices and crafting ideas, it also unveiled the information asymmetry within the organization. Today, numerous staff are unaware of existing guides and resources that are available to support them through times of transition.    


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