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Reimagine the Next Normal: staff voices design United Nations 2 . 0

A previous round of dialogues that focused on planning in addition to preparing for the ‘Next Normal’ at UNHQ produced a few ideas in 12 workstreams, which fed directly into an investigation on recommendations for the Next Usual that went to the Secretary-General.     While the ‘Next Normal’ listenings captured staff voices as well as creative ideas, it also unveiled the internet asymmetry within the organization. Presently, many staff are unaware of present guides and resources which can be found to support them through times during the transition.     Ensuring everyone has access to consistent information is a critical pillar even as we move toward the ‘Next Normal’. Furthermore, by installing all staff with the equipment they need and focusing on addition, we build stronger associations and bolster trust.     Not only does the dialogue method offer a safe space with the global exchange of suggestions, it also makes possible the expression of feedback and information with senior management, recruiting, and other fora, helping to be sure staff voices are read and valued.    

  • Agile Clubs which motivates all teams to enhance an agile mindset to remain more adaptive and versatile.
  • Digital Literacy & Instruments which promotes knowledge on technology and even ongoing digital transformation to support personnel feel at ease with progressive tools and develop online digital literacy.
  • Hybrid Squads which illustrates the importance for organizations to support staff and managers build skills and competencies to better adapt to hybrid work controls.
  • Increasing Innovation which underlines this essentiality of sprouting brand-new ideas through participation through innovation-related events and programs.

Empowering staff sounds creates ripple effects, tempting more active participation in order to co-create the vision for your ‘Culture of the Next Normal that We Want’ and to help the journey to “UN 2 . 0” as specified by Our Ordinary Agenda .     The primary quest of a series of dialogues red by the global #NewWork power team was to provide personnel together with opportunities to envision the ‘Next Normal’ at the UN. Your ‘Reimagine the Next Normal Dialogues’ aimed to facilitate the change of ideas across the ALGUN, driving organizational culture vary from the bottom up.     #NewWork will remain to harness the power of collective cleverness to address challenges and build an agile, innovative and inclusive workplace culture.   The dialogues taken together more than 180 friends from 52 duty programs. Over 25 volunteers in the field, Bangkok, New York, not to mention Geneva, moderated 26 visits held (as at agreed delivery date of publication). Broad diversity in each session was basically achieved through the use of a ‘randomising’ tool developed by a colleague in peacekeeping.     A number of these team ideas have been endorsed just for implementation, including institutionalizing often the dialogue mechanism itself. This would ensure the Organization offers an recurring way for staff to make contributions more directly to transformation in addition to changes proposed in the future.   Inspired by the Reimagine the UN Alongside Dialogues and the UNHQ Next Normal Listenings, the Reimagine the Next Average Dialogues focused on four styles related to our post-pandemic workplace culture:   The initiative was recognized by the Profession Development Roundtable (CDR)1 held in Milan keep away from 2021 with an award from the Staff Engagement category. The award acknowledges the achievements and milestones #NewWork has achieved in uniting employees, breaking down silos, and functioning towards organizational culture adjust.  


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