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Recommit to Dismantling Systemic Discrimination against People of African Descent, Says Deputy Secretary-General, Marking International Day

Following is the text of Deputy UN Secretary-General Amina Mohammed’s video message for the International Day for People of African Descent, observed today:Today’s observance also provides an opportunity for all of us — individually and collectively — to recommit to dismantling systemic discrimination and structural and institutional racism against people of African descent, who continue to experience profound inequality, marginalization and stigmatization. So, today, I invite you to support efforts to fulfil international commitments that will improve the lives of people of African descent.  Together, let’s build a world where all people of African descent enjoy the full human rights and fundamental freedoms that everyone, everywhere is entitled to. At the United Nations, we remain deeply committed to ridding our world of all forms of racism and discrimination.  This is reflected in the unanimous support among Member States to establish a Permanent Forum of People of African Descent.  Similarly, the International Decade for People of African Descent (2015‑2024) provides a solid framework for all of us to take bold action and work together towards recognition, justice and development. Today we celebrate the International Day for People of African Descent.  This observance, introduced in 2021 by the United Nations, promotes awareness of the contributions of African descendants globally.  It is a day to recognize and celebrate the strength and resilience of the millions of people of African descent around the world.  And it is a day to remember that for over three centuries, enslaved Africans were dehumanized and brutally forced from their homelands. Overcoming unfathomable hardships, injustices and discrimination, people of African descent have made — and continue to make — extraordinary contributions in every discipline and across all aspects of society.  Such achievements must be acknowledged and promoted.


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