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COVID-19 Vaccines Must be Global Public Good, Secretary-General Says, Announcing ‘Only Together’ Campaign to Encourage Sharing of Technology, Doses

Following is the text of UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ video message for the launch of the “Only Together” Campaign, held today:

Today I am launching a new United Nations public advocacy campaign, “Only Together”, which calls for COVID-19 vaccines to be available to everyone, everywhere.

This year of crisis has caused a tidal wave of suffering.  The virus has killed more than 2.5 million people and left millions more with debilitating long‑term health effects.  Families and economies are reeling.

Now, with the promise of vaccines, we can see light at the end of the tunnel.  Scientists worked wonders, developing safe and effective vaccines in record time.  We now have the tool to stop COVID-19 in its tracks.

But, so far, a small number of rich countries are rolling out a majority of the doses.  COVID-19 vaccines must be considered a global public good.  No country can overcome this crisis in isolation.

Governments and businesses must share doses and technology so supply goes further, and distribution goes faster.  COVAX, the global vaccine initiative, is our best way to do just that.  So, let’s make it happen.

Only together can we protect health‑care workers and the world’s most vulnerable people.  Only together can we revive our economies.  Only together can we end this pandemic and recover.

And then, together, we can all get back to the things we love.


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