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The UK supports Ukraine’s response to the Ilyushin II-76 aircraft incident: UK statement at the UN Security Council

At the outset, President, let me express our full support for your handling of the Presidency. I do find it ironic that while the Russian representative chooses to lecture France on UN rules, as he has frequently lectured the UK on our organisation of meetings, his country continues to commit arguably the most egregious and flagrant violation of the UN Charter in this institution’s history. We fully support Ukraine’s calm and measured response to this aircraft incident and agree that there is an urgent need to establish the facts, as President Zelenskyy has said. Whilst it is too early to draw conclusions, one thing is clear: when President Putin made the decision to illegally invade Ukraine, he demonstrated his total disregard for the value of human life, including his own citizens. We would not be in this position, and incidents like this would not happen, if it were not for Russia’s full-scale illegal invasion in February 2022. A sovereign, independent Ukraine did not and does not pose a threat to Russia. Ukrainians want and deserve to live in peace and security, and without interference from their largest neighbour. Thank you. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost in this war, including over 300,000 Russian soldiers dead and injured, and tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians killed.   President, the UK regrets all loss of human life, wherever it occurs. Soon this pointless conflict will have lasted for two years. Russia can choose to end the bloodshed. It can withdraw all its military personnel from the internationally recognised borders of Ukraine. And, as a permanent member of this Council, it can uphold purposes and principles of the UN Charter. Thank you President, and I think USG DiCarlo for her briefing. 


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