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Speech patterns: More must be done to prevent peligroso violations against children: GREAT BRITAIN Statement at the UN Basic safety Council

I would prefer to thank the Government of Malta for convening us all today and congratulate an individual on taking up the desk chair of the CAAC Working Firm. We look forward to working tightly together. I also thank our briefers today for their powerful contributions. Second, great britain is concerned by the dramatic multiply of conflict-related sexual violence globally, with a 20 percent mixed increase in the Secretary-Generals 2022 CAAC Report. Last Late, the United Kingdom launched the Platform to use it Promoting the Rights together with Wellbeing of Children Born associated with Conflict-Related Sexual Violence. As well as key partners and Precious Representative Gamba, the UK contains committed to taking action below this Platform. This includes often the deployment of UK competence to support the Democratic Republic of the Congo in completing a national review of rules, policies and practices. We expect these actions will help replace the lives of tens of thousands of kids. Thank you. First, have to ensure that existing UN components are able to work effectively. Your children and Armed Conflict Performing Group and the work of the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children together with Armed Conflict are significant pillars of the Council’s architectural mastery for addressing these violations and we urge all customer states to engage constructively in addition to collaboratively with both. President, the international local community must send a clear concept that violations against youngsters are intolerable. The United Kingdom is invested in playing its part because cause. Third, and finally, the United Kingdom will be exploring all levers, among them sanctions, to deter perpetrators of conflict related remedy violence. We have already has announced a sanctions package which included some targets in Mali, Myanmar and South Sudan who were designated for their involvement within sexual and gender-based assault, including conflict-related sexual violence. The international neighborhood must do more to prevent agonizante violations against children. Throughout countries like Ukraine, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of this Congo, children are experiencing the disasters of war and clash. And when violations do occur, we must act robustly so children get the support mandatory. In this regard I want to make the immediately after three points.


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