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Report: Study on Aircraft Appropriateness to Operate at John The Osborne Airport, Montserrat


6. Using the manufacturers’ mean cost per hour, the approximate cost per passenger should
be calculated for every aircraft type for illustrative purposes. 5. The available load should then be calculated by subtracting the aircraft weight with required
crew and 90 mins of fuel from your maximum take-off and getting weights. The available download should
then be separated by the ICAO standard passenger with baggage weights to provide maximum passenger
capacity for take-off and landing of each airplane type. 6. It must be noted that the airport don’t have any fuelling facilities. All details relating to
the airport terminal can be found within the Eastern Carribbean Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) via
the Trinidad and Tobago CAA website.


3. In 2016, ICAO introduced the requirement for Runway End Safety Locations (RESA) at airports. As part of this change, a suggested practice was introduced pertaining to Code One non-instrument strip to have a RESA of 30 m.
John A Osborne Airport. 2 . For every aircraft type assessed, the particular assessment should take into account the following
factors: 1 . Montserrat is usually part of the Leeward Islands on the western part of the country Indies and is a Uk Overseas Territory (OT). The particular island is served by John A Osborne Airport which opened in 2006 following the eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano in the late 1990s which destroyed the prior airport. There is one operator based on the island, Montserrat Airways trading as Fly Montserrat, which uses Islander aircraft on scheduled services in order to Antigua. There are several other airlines in the Eastern Caribbean for example SVG and Winair who offer both scheduled plus ad hoc charter flights in order to Montserrat using Islanders plus, on occasion, the Twin Otter. The report will be made public. The Governor’s Office of Montserrat demands an independent assessment on the stability of operating various types of aircraft at John A Osborne airport. The Governor associated with Montserrat is responsible for ensuring the safety and safety of operations at the airport, a responsibility which is delegated to UK Air Safety Support Worldwide (ASSI) which acts as Limiter. 4. John A Osborne (ICAO designator TRPG) airport has an asphalt catwalk, orientated 10/28, which rests at an elevation of 550ft amsl. There are steep down hill gradients with inhospitable landscape at both ends from the runway. Runways 10/28 are non-instrument and have a take-off run available (TORA) of 523 m/1, 715ft plus a Landing Distance Available (LDA) of 510 m/1, 673ft and are therefore categorised since Code One runways. Environmental surroundings surrounding the airport will be obstacle rich. Due to the landscape and resultant wind impact on final approach, the Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPIs) on the dominant runway 10 are set at six degrees. The Abbreviated PAPIs (APAPIs) on runway 28 are set at four degrees.

The job

The requested assessment is definitely aimed at maximising the potential of Mark A Osborne airport, using account of current and new aviation developments. In doing so, aviation safety and security remain paramount. The outcome of the evaluation will be reviewed by ASSI.

  • DHC6 Twin Otter
  • BN2 Islander
  • Cessna 208 Caravan
  • Pilatus PC12

5. The airport is challenging to property and take off from, using the change to ICAO SARPs and the
introduction of the ?KA, the length of useable runway provides reduced, impacting on the performance
calculations and load aspects for all aircraft.

  • The performance characteristics of the aircraft using data from your manufacture and the
    Flight Manual
  • The load restrictions given the declared distances and actual characterises of John A
    Osborne airport runway.
  • The resultant operating costs

3. For each aircraft, an average empty weight would need to end up being sourced along with average energy
consumption and direct working costs per hour; all of this needs to be obtained from the aircraft
manufacturers. For a realistic comparison, computations should factor in 90 minutes of fuel and the
required crew. 7. The final review should quote the source of data used, including that associated with
the average temperatures, pressures and wind, the assumptions made and should make sure all
relevant aspects of ICAO SARPs and the OTARs are complied with when identifying the
viability of each choice. 2 . The UK is signatory to the Chicago Convention meaning that all constituent parts of the UK, including the OTs, are certain by the provisions within the Tradition. As an international airport, John The Osborne airport is thus subject to the Standards plus Recommended Practices (SARPs) from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and is regulated by Air Safety Support Global Limited (ASSI), a additional company of the UK City Aviation Authority (CAA). Being a UK OT, Montserrat must also comply with UK aviation policy which states that ICAO Recommended Practices should be complied with as far as is practicable. The regulatory code for your UK’s OTs are the Abroad Territories Aviation Requirements (OTARs). These can be found on ASSI’s website www.airsafety.aero. 8. The report need to clearly set out any suggestions with outline costings. 1 . The Government of Montserrat is keen to entice more visitors to Montserrat and also to
facilitate better connectivity with intercontinental flights arriving at Antigua. We are therefore
seeking an independent assessment comparing the overall stability of aircraft types, to include but
not be limited to these: 4. Aircraft performance calculations must be made acquiring performance data supplied from the
aircraft manufacturer in accordance with every aircraft’s performance class to determine compliant
maximum take-off plus landing weights at typical Montserrat temperatures, pressures plus wind
components at various points throughout the day.


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