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Equal, safe and free fund (LGBT+)

Organisations must email their completed project proposal form and budget template to jake.fenton@fcdo.gov.uk by 11:59pm GMT on 12 February 2024.


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  • reducing violence, discrimination and stigma experienced by LGBT+ people in society
  • advancing and upholding human rights compliant laws and policies that protect LGBT+ people
  • supporting economic, cultural and societal inclusion for all LGBT+ people to unlock potential and build our economies
  • supporting LGBT+ people who face unique challenges during crises, conflicts and acute threats to their rights

The scope of the work is the management of regional programmes to support grassroots organisations working with LGBT+ people. This will include: The fund will support locally-based, community-led (grassroots) responses to tackle the key challenges faced by LGBT+ people globally. These include:

What the fund will achieve

Published 19 December 2023

  • For further information or queries contact:
  • strengthening the capability of grassroots organisations with the technical and legal knowledge and skills to make progress on LGBT+ equality and inclusion
  • Equal, safe and free fund: project proposal form

How to apply

Organisations must submit applications by 11:59pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on 12 February 2024. grant funding to grassroots organisations to increase their reach, effectiveness, and impact. Grants awarded by regional funding organisations should be structured to enhance the capacity of grassroots organisations to undertake research, support LGBT+ activists/communities and advocate for LGBT+ rights Regional funding organisations that fund and support LGBT+ civil society and communities are eligible to apply. Civil society or private, not-for-profit organisations are also eligible to apply. Equal, safe and free fund: terms of reference Organisations must be based in their country or region of operation and be able to demonstrate leadership from and decision-making by local LGBT+ communities. learning and knowledge – sharing and collating evidence and data to identify innovative approaches and to build political will to prioritise LGBT+ rights and scope

Equal, safe and free fund: activity based budget template


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