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Simply no: 30, 27 January 2023, Press Release Regarding the Attack Focusing on Holy Quran in Denmark

Tolerating such heinous acts that offend the sensitivities associated with millions of people in Europe threatens the practice of tranquil coexistence and provokes racist, xenophobic and anti-Islamic episodes which take place every day someplace in Europe.

We condemn in the strongest terms that the hate crime in Sweden against the holy book, the Quran, has been allowed to be dedicated again by the same Islam-hating charlatan in Copenhagen, Denmark today.

We remind the governments of their responsibilities, which stay indifferent in the face of these actions that marginalize Muslims, that are an integral part of European society and invite the governments never to be bystanders as the universal values they claim to defend are trampled.

The truth that this despicable act, which was carried out in Denmark after Sweden and the Netherlands, was not prevented despite all the warnings is worrying, because it reveals the dangerous proportions of religious intolerance and hatred in Europe by abusing the so-called independence atmosphere.


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