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Noble Life and Exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il Highly Praised by Political Parties of Foreign Countries

Personages of political parties in several countries are highly praising the noble life and exploits of the great leader Chairman Kim Jong Il who led to victory the cause of socialism, cause of anti-imperialism and independence with his far-sightedness and outstanding leadership.

General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist), a former Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Nepal, said that Chairman Kim Jong Il had enriched the Juche Idea created by President Kim Il Sung and formulated it into the guiding ideology of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), thus having firmly consolidated the single-hearted unity of the whole society.

Chairman of the Socialist Party of Romania noted that the energetic ideological and theoretical activities and outstanding leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il made it possible for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to shine brilliantly as a beacon of hope for the progressive humankind and as an invincible fortress of socialism.

Deputy Secretary-General of Move Forward Party of Thailand said that Chairman Kim Jong Il, who fully embodied the personality of a great man possessed by President Kim Il Sung, was a distinguished leader of the progressive humankind, and he lives forever in the hearts of the Korean people and the humankind.

Vice-Director of the International Affairs Department of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia emphasized as follows:

Chairman Kim Jong Il was the great successor to the revolutionary cause of President Kim Il Sung, founder of socialist Korea. It is his greatest exploit that he defended socialism by developing in depth the Juche Idea and adopting the unique Songun politics. Chairman Kim Jong Il is the greatest leader and the legendary great man, superior to any other state leaders in the world. The great cause of Chairman Kim Jong Il is now brilliantly carried forward by Comrade Kim Jong Un.

First Secretary of Vladivostok City Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation said in high praise of Chairman Kim Jong Il as follows:

Chairman Kim Jong Il is an outstanding leader, who turned the WPK into a revolutionary party of Juche, transformed the DPRK into a powerful socialist state and developed in strength the Korean People’s Army (KPA) into an invincible combat unit.

He set a brilliant example of building a socialist ruling party by developing the WPK into a party with strong organizational ability and high fighting efficiency, a motherly party which formed a harmonious whole with the working masses.

In the period when the anti-socialist offensive of imperialists went to extremes, his Songun politics made it possible to firmly safeguard the socialism in the DPRK and transform it into an impregnable fortress. During his continued field inspections of army units, Chairman Kim Jong Il imbued military servicemen with the spirit of safeguarding the country and gave the energetic guidance for modernizing military hardware of the KPA. This enabled the DPRK to fully demonstrate to the world its might as a powerful state.


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