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No Future for Japan Who Denies History

At the 46th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Japan spat out an impudent sophistry that the DPRK’s demand for liquidation of the super-class inhumane crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists is baseless.

It is not the first time to hear the blatant distortion of the history by Japan, a world number one abductor state. Yet, this should be taken as serious since Japan is continuing with its multiplying attempts to slander, insult and hurt the victims.

It should be underlined that it is a deep-seated evil habit peculiar only to Japan, a war criminal state, to deny and dispute its gravest inhumane crimes even by its base.

Just as the stench of ditch can’t be covered up, the Japanese attempt to negate its unprecedented inhumane crimes will only lead to snowballing the aggressive, barbarous, immoral and impudent nature of their crimes.

All the vicious acts committed by Japan in Korea are, to all intents and purposes, the heinous inhumane crimes with neither justification nor statutory limitation being applicable.

In retrospect, all the atrocities committed by Japan – brutal suppression of the March First Popular Uprising in 1919, large-scale “punitive operations” in the year of Kyongsin (1920), genocide of Koreans at the time of Kanto earthquake in 1923, suppression of the June 10th Independence Movement in 1926, germ warfare and barbaric experiments on living bodies committed by Unit 731, and so forth – resulted in the flooding of the blood of the bare-handed innocent people and patriots. And their nature in terms of brutality and viciousness eclipsed by far the crimes committed by Hitler’s fascist clique.

Japan had invaded the Asian countries including our country in the past century, and adopted and enforced a series of state policies, such as forced abduction and drafting, genocide, and forced sexual slavery. All these acts have already been fully exposed as being a state crime by the testimonies of surviving victims, offenders and eyewitnesses, the articles prescribed by the Far Eastern International Military Tribunal, the documents of the ruling apparatuses during the Japanese imperialists’ occupation of Korea, and the press by Japan and other countries.

These facts are being further augmented by the research data continuously being unearthed today.

Notwithstanding the forgoing, the Japanese authorities are making reckless remarks aimed at denying their history of aggression even in the international arena and fretting over the girl statues erected in every corner of the world to the memory of the sexual slaves for the Japanese army, struggling to remove them every time these are erected. This is an arrogant behavior that challenges the global justice and the conscience of humanity.

It is said that fish starts to decay from its head.

The distortion of history manipulated by the Japanese government turns out to be the root cause of pushing the Japanese society into a reactionary orientation.

Its striking manifestation can be found in the latest recklessness of the Japanese far-right reactionaries, including those of “Society to Make New History Textbook” who demanded that the reference to “comfort women for the army” be deleted from the history textbooks for middle schools printed in a publishing house.

It is the very Japanese society where kind hearts and virtues are so barren that parricide becomes a commonplace. This decadent way of life has undoubtedly originated from the political climate that became extremely reactionary and leaned to the right.

The Japanese attempt to shun sincere reflection on and apology for its wrong past is tantamount to the willingness to repeat its blood-stained past history.

It is self-evident that such a country will never gain recognition of the international society.

There is no future for Japan who denies the history.

Kim Sol Hwa
Researcher of Institute for Studies of Japan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


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