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Hong Kong is Hong Kong of China

Consistent with the National Security Law on Hong Kong and on suspicion of manipulation of public opinion, presenting a threat to the national security, Hong Kong police has recently arrested those from “Apple Daily” Newspaper in Hong Kong involved in opposing China and disturbing Hong Kong and taken a step to freeze its assets.

As a result of this step, “Apple Daily”, which was in the forefront of instigating reckless disturbances by misleading the public in Hong Kong, has been banned.

The recent action taken by the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region against an individual company suspected of disrupting the national security is a legitimate measure to combat crime in strict accordance with the relevant legislation and to safeguard the rule of law and public order.

This being the case, some Western politicians are misleading the public opinion, arguing that the ban of “Apple Daily” stands for “repression of freedom of speech.” They are also kicking up a fuss that “democracy” in Hong Kong has again been violated and Hong Kong has plunged into “dark age.”

Lurking behind the uninterrupted interference by the Western countries in Hong Kong issue is their sinister intention to undermine the political stability and social unity of China by hindering the process of establishing legal institution and executive system of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for safeguarding national security.

Hong Kong is Hong Kong of China, not Hong Kong of the Western countries, and China has the sole right to decide on the issues concerning Hong Kong.

We fully support all measures being taken in accordance with its impartial legislation by the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for ensuring national security, its prosperity and development interests.

Kim Il Chol, Member of Korea-China Association for Civil Exchange Promotion


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