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Trip MH17: European Court at hand down decision on admissibility of the Netherlands’ inter-State application against Russia

In its decision of twenty five January 2023 the ECtHR will determine if the Netherlands’ application against Russia is definitely admissible, in other words: whether the Courtroom will consider the merits from the application. This is a major phase towards establishing the truth and achieving justice and accountability for all the victims and themselves.

The hearing, that is public, will be held on Wednesday 25 January from 14. 30 at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.   Afterwards a of the hearing will be available on the ECtHR website .

The European Court and flight MH17

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MH17: The Netherlands’ application against Russia

On 25 January 2023 the European Court associated with Human Rights (ECtHR) can issue a decision on whether it will consider the merits of the Netherlands’ inter-State application towards Russia regarding the downing of flight MH17 . The decision will be go through out at a hearing in Strasbourg.

One step closer to proper rights

The admissibility decision will depend on factors such as whether it was submitted on time, whether domestic legal remedies have been exhausted, and Russia’s role within eastern Ukraine in 2014 and in the downing of MH17. This will be the first time that an international court has given a ruling on this issue. The Netherlands is arguing that Russia played a key role in the downing of flight MH17. The Netherlands furthermore believes that Russia has not conducted an adequate investigation and that it has failed to cooperate with the Netherlands’ requests for a unlawful investigation. In the view of the Netherlands this, combined with Russia’s repeated denial of any kind of involvement in downing airline flight MH17, has caused the particular victims’ next of kin additional suffering. The requirement of the Euro Court of Human Rights is to hold states accountable for human legal rights violations. In 2020 holland lodged an application with the Court regarding Russia’s role within the downing of flight MH17 above eastern Ukraine upon 17 July 2014. All 298 people on board were killed, including 196 Nederlander nationals.

Enlarge image Europees Hof voor de Rechten van de Mens in Straatsburg

Image: © Cédric Hüsler (CC BY-NC-SA 2 . 0)
The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg


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