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Road to COP26: Debating Inclusion for Climate

Next week marks the start of COP26. In the run-up to this important event, our Embassy hosted a Panel Discussion on Inclusion for Climate as part of the EU Climate Diplomacy Week.

Indonesia is a country where the effects of climate change, and the need for climate adaptation, are visible on a daily basis. Especially more vulnerable groups in society are the first to suffer the consequences of this, which makes it crucial that they are being heard in the climate debate. Civil society organizations play a crucial role in voicing their experiences, concerns and interests. Therefore, we as an Embassy also try to do our part in strengthening civil society.

For example, we just launched three new projects funded from our Dutch Civic Space Fund, with the aim to amplify the voices of CSOs. One of these projects is specifically focused on inclusiveness for climate resilience actions. During the panel discussion, a representative of this project together with two representatives of our other civil society partners shared their perspectives and recommendations for inclusion towards COP26. To watch the mini panel: bit.ly/CDW2021Session10_recording 



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