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Partnerships Partnering Up – Strengthening Civil Society in Indonesia

The Netherlands works on sustainable economic growth and human rights globally. In Indonesia, the Embassy supports various programs and initiatives for that, on which we have reported regularly. But there is more.

Strategic Partnership

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague, global Strategic Partnerships are implemented, working on Dutch priorities in nations all over the globe. In Indonesia, we welcome 15 partnerships that consist of a multitude of local organisations. In an interactive opening session, all new partners pitched their plans and projects to the Embassy team. From responsible business conduct on Sumatra, to Women’s Rights on Java and Freedom of Religion and Belief on Maluku.

For the next five years, the partnerships will be a part of the Dutch effort to help to strengthen civil society and communities on those themes that matter to us all, in the regions where it is needed the most. The Embassy will be in touch with the organisations in order to exchange information and share networks, to continue improving equality and sustainability in Indonesia.


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