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Launch of regular air routes “Athens-Benghazi-Athens” (28.02.2023)

The increase in Greek activities in Benghazi, including Greece’s significant contribution to the reconstruction of Benghazi’s port, leads to tangible economic benefits.   The Athens-Benghazi air connection is expected to enhance the ties between the two friendly peoples along with the reception of visa applications for entry into Greece at the Consulate General of Benghazi as of February 12. Specifically, the Greek aviation companies Air Mediterranean and Marathon Airlines will operate these flights. The first flight is expected to be operated by Marathon Airlines on March 2. Consul General of Greece in Benghazi, Ambassador S. Venizelos will also board this first flight.The Athens-Benghazi-Athens air routes will be launched on Thursday, March 2, 2023.Launching the Athens-Benghazi air routes constitutes a strong precursor of our country’s intention for a long-term presence, cooperation and assistance to the entire Libya, when the internal situation in Libya allows it.At the same time, it will contribute to the areas of trade and economy, while business and tourism flows will be increased. As a result, cultural contacts, which serve as a bridge of friendship and mutual understanding between the two peoples will be strengthened as well.


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