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Police interrupt criminal investigation into data leak at Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The police decided to interrupt the investigation under chapter 3, section 13 of the Criminal Investigation Act.
On 2 September, the Finnish police decided to interrupt the active criminal investigation measures requested by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. On 17 December 2019, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs requested the police to investigate how certain internal documents wound up in the public domain.
In addition, the criminal investigation found that no classified information was turned over to the media because it was not possible to establish what information was classified and on what grounds. 
It is not possible to request an administrative review of the decision. 
The police made the decision because there was insufficient proof of the identity of the suspect in the offence and because the characteristics of the case are such that it would not be possible, by means of conventional and appropriate methods, to obtain a clarification that would establish the suspect’s identity.
In the request, the Ministry asked the police to investigate whether an offence was committed by turning over classified Ministry information (security category 4, section 24.1 of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities) to the media.


  • Ari Uusikartano, Chief Information Officer, +358 50 559 9137
  • The Foreign Ministry’s email addresses are in the format firstname.lastname@formin.fi.


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