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Fijian troops in Egypt commended for their service to global peacekeeping

The #Fijian soldiers of the Multinational Force and Observer Group (MFO) based in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt were commended for their great service and commitment to global peacekeeping.
This was conveyed during a visit by Fiji’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Dr Satyendra Prasad and the accompanying Fijian delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 27) to meet the Fijian peacekeepers of (MFO) at their base in Egypt today (14/11/22). Ambassador Prasad praised the Fijian peacekeepers for their dedication and stated that Fiji’s leadership on climate and security is backed by and strongly linked to the great work that Fijians do in peacekeeping, peacebuilding and responding to climate catastrophes. “The colours of the 2nd Fiji Infantry Regiment are in your hands now and we must strive to achieve the standards expected of us. You have our utmost support in your duties here. We are all ambassadors of #Fiji in the respective areas we serve. As our brave peacekeeping men and women work to maintain peace, Fiji’s COP27 delegation is also working hard to ensure tangible outcomes from these negotiations,” Ambassador Prasad said.
He outlined the COP 27 priorities which include championing concrete steps to align to the 1.5-degree temperature goal; adequate climate finance to mitigate and adapt; new and additional loss and damage finance; and streamlining oceans in the climate agenda. Going into week 2 of negotiations, Fiji continues to fight for survival and a sustainable future for all. They were greeted by the Fijian Contingent led by Command of Lt. Col. Saula Koro and who were grateful to Ambassador Prasad and team for the visit. Ambassador Prasad mentioned that the Fijian Prime Minister was lightyears ahead when he warned the world nearly a decade ago that the world must prepare for the far-reaching security consequences of climate change.
He said that Fiji had argued before the UN Security Council that extreme weather events such as floods, cyclones and droughts would fuel and exacerbate conflict. The MFO’s role is to supervise the implementation of the security provisions of the Egyptian-Israeli Treaty of Peace by maintaining four security zones, three in the Sinai in Egypt and one in Israel along the international border. “Fiji is bringing this knowledge into its peacekeeping preparation and deployment. The Peacekeepers of the future must be climate and security informed and enabled. Fiji looks to the UN and its partners to develop these capabilities more substantively through its Blackrock facility.” “Our country- and the world- is deeply thankful for this. The recent Remembrance Day commemorated across the globe is a reminder of the sacrifices of those that have gone before us.” “Fijian peacekeeping experiences acquired in Mid-East, Africa and elsewhere tell us that access to water, food, fishing grounds and grazing lands are weaponised by competing groups.” In his remarks, Ambassador Prasad thanked the Fijian troops for their great service and dedication to peacekeeping in one of the most complex regions of the world and wished the 41st battalion great success. “Though a small peacekeeping country, Fiji is leading from the front on climate and security from the frontlines of the climate crisis. One of the greatest investments the world can make for peace and security is to keep global warming within the 1.5 Degree temperature rise limit. If we breach this, there will be an explosion of climate-induced conflicts and wars,” he said. He said that RFMF was one of the most battle-hardened climate catastrophe fighting forces in the world and that Fijian forces have led the response to climate catastrophe after catastrophe – from category 5 meta cyclones to once-in-a-century levels of flooding and bushfires.


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