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The Cuban Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago remembers the # 168th Anniversary of the birth of our National Hero.

Port of Spain, January 28, 2021. The publication of phrases by José Martí on social networks was part of the initial call launched by the collective of this diplomatic mission, to remember Martí on the # 168th Anniversary of his birth. To close the Day of Tribute, it was disclosed among the Cubans in Trinidad and Tobago, the cover of the 352 edition of the Correos de Cuba Magazine, with the aim of bringing them even closer to the life and work of our National Hero. In virtual material designed by the mission collective and prepared by a member of the Cuban Medical Brigade that provides services in Trinidad and Tobago, it was possible to gather audio recordings and images of the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba “Friends of Cuba” as well as of one of representation of Cubans present in this country, who through thoughts issued or written by José Martí about the Homeland, imperialism, the United States, the women, the human species, health and human rights, paid homage to the most universal of all Cubans. May this tribute serve as a waste of gratitude and love, for everyone who feels Cuban, to the one who dedicated his entire life to the independence of our Homeland and to the full freedom of man.


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