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The blockade substantially limits the development of the energy and mining sector

New York, 1 April 2021. Limitations in the access to state-of-the-art technologies for energy generation, equipment and spare parts, suitable means for personnel protection and financial facilities for acquiring all these resources, are among some of the blockade regulations that have affected the development of the energy and mining sector with damages estimated at $ 125,282,022.

Damages to the Unión Eléctrica business group exceed $ 16 million. One of the elements that most severely affects the production and services of that company is the fact that the main manufactures of equipment and spare parts for the production process have had to suspend their relations with Cuba due to the blockade. This has resulted in an increase in maintenance costs, loss of time in locating substitute suppliers and higher import expenses. Some of the manufacturers and suppliers that have interrupted their ties with Cuban companies are listed below:

The CLYDE BERGEMANN company, manufacturer of the boiler torches installed in the Lidio Ramón Pérez, Diez de Octubre and Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric power plants, stated its refusal to continue working with Cuba since part of its shares were acquired by US capital. All of this stymied the purchase of spare parts, as we had to change the supplier, with the subsequent additional costs.

In May 2019, the FLENDER Company, which manufactures the circulation reducers for the pumps of the Diez de Octubre thermoelectric power plant, refused to sell new reducers to Cuba after the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act.

The MOA NICKEL S.A. joint venture recorded damages to its exports of approximately $ 7,580,000 due to the fact that in 2019 some 700 tons of mixed nickel and cobalt sulfides could not be produced as a result of the impact on the fuel supply.

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