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Special presentation of the Cuban Foreign Minister before the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Cuba

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, offered a press conference on Wednesday before the diplomatic corps accredited in the Antillean nation with the aim of denouncing what is orchestrated against Cuba with a view to November 15.

The Chancellor recalled that, that day, the opening of the country and the reactivation of the economy will take place.

There will also be a massive restart of international flights, which includes the reception of Cubans who have not been able to return due to restrictions due to COVID-19.

Visitors from all latitudes, including American visitors, will be able to reach the island, he noted.

However, he warns, the constant attempts intensified in recent months to generate destabilizing conditions in the country and damage the social peace of the Caribbean nation, seek to spoil our party.

We are not going to allow organized aggression from outside to spoil the joyous moment of our people. With strict adherence to our Constitution, the order that we endorse in a massive way will be defended, he added.

The central axis of this operation organized from the United States, with the intervention of senior officials, congressmen and anti-Cuban senators, is an attempt to destabilize the consequences of which, in other countries, have caused conflicts.

The script that the US follows is a desperate attempt and is based on using as a pretext that Cuba has a failed state to increase sanctions as part of its policy of economic encirclement.

More than 60 sanctions in the pandemic have been pushed by the US administration, the Chancellor added.

He also pointed out that the US government knows perfectly well that its campaigns are trying to cause suffering, suffering that provokes the so-called social outbreak.

They intend to alter the peace in our country, he repeated, and to do so they use a powerful communication machine to turn a nonexistent scenario into a supposed reality.

He also denounced the numerous materials that are received for this purpose, as well as the benefits aimed at media operators. He added that it is an operation, from a material and practical point of view, managed from the United States.

He informed the diplomats that the private groups that have been established on Facebook carry out practices in violation of Cuban laws, and the so-called community policies that the platform itself establishes.

Facebook could be severely sued for this practice against Cuba.

The foreign minister also denounced that the right of a sovereign State exercising self-determination is violated by intervening in its affairs and forcing a regime change through strictly political decisions.

We demand the right of Cuba to peace and citizen stability before a power that wants to alter it.

Rodríguez drew attention to the fact that, as of this November 10, there are already 29 statements by US government officials and influential figures in that country, aimed at guiding and instigating destabilization actions.

There are also open threats of new sanctions and reprisals against our country; and they pose demands for Cuba to allow actions that the United States itself would not allow.

Likewise, they request and pressure different governments to join these actions against Cuba; and they ask the diplomats in Havana to attend these actions. They speak of civil rights fighters with real shame, he added.

He amazes at the double standards and cynicism with which US government figures refer to these issues; The same ones who do not say anything about massacres of human rights defenders and violations in various parts of the world, he added.

The Foreign Minister described the way they refer to alleged aid from the United States government to Cuba as shameless.

 They explain ways to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid and goods to the island, but lie: there has been no aid from the US, not even when Cuba needed oxygen aid. Not a single ton of food or medicine has been sent to the Greater Antilles by the North American administration. Only what has been provided by solidarity groups with the island has arrived.

For its part, the United States government continues to apply measures that prevent family reunification, family travel, and the granting of visas. They prevent Cuban citizens with dual citizenship from accessing their territory; And it is still discriminatory that Cubans are not allowed to enter because they have been vaccinated with the island’s immunogens, whose effectiveness has been verified by the health and regulatory authorities of our nation.

 With these practices, they encourage irregular emigration that creates critical situations for the countries through which the country’s citizens travel to reach the United States.

The cynicism with which they guarantee scholarships to Cuban citizens in irregular condition and do not have vaccination certificates is surprising.

The government has been unable to offer humanitarian aid to our people, and has broken the tradition of other governments that, in the face of natural disasters, have offered their help.

Even if the United States had not been willing to fulfill its electoral promises, but had some humanitarian vocation, it would have made an offer to face the pandemic.

It was only last week that they approached our headquarters in Washington, when Cuba has practically fulfilled its vaccination program for children and they have offered a supposed donation with dissimilar requirements.

They are offering vaccines to an already vaccinated population, with intervention requirements and the condition of doing clinical studies with their vaccines to make sure that they are compatible with the Cuban ones.

If that offer is serious, sincere and responsible, our country would recognize it as a step in the right direction. We have offered to use this donation together with the Cuban women for a country in great need of them, with the participation of health personnel from both countries for its application.

Figures from that government have replaced the approach of comprehensive review of the policy between the two countries, but what are the circumstances that have changed.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that federal funding for the war against Cuba in various aspects has increased and has a permanent influence.

Only in September 2021 a package of 6 million dollars from the USAID was moved in the business against Cuba, to promote acts of destabilization.

There are no indigenous destabilization actions in Cuba, said the minister.

You can walk our streets and you will see the joy of the Cubans at this moment of opening our country and the approach of a new year. Meanwhile, the US continues to attack Cuba and squander its taxpayers’ money.

There is an operation of toxicity in communication and networks, incitement to violence and instigation to crime, exacerbated in recent years, especially as a result of the previous US government. It is the export of electoral politics that has been unleashed from the United States to other countries.

 We will use the laws. We will not allow the Constitution to be invoked to violate it. We will prevent any form of intervention. For 60 years we have defended and will defend the Homeland at the price of our lives, Rodríguez said.

US policy is not going to work. Wake up from that mirage. It will not happen.

The chancellor described this policy as “costly”, “ineffective” and with an impact on the “international discredit” of the United States government.

Rodríguez thanked the solidarity of all parts of the world, of civil society and of Cubans residing in other nations.

He called on governments to take into account that the actions promoted include outrageous calls for violence.

It is not hypothetical, he said, I am talking about real threats and recent events. He mentioned the attacks and harassment of some diplomatic headquarters of Cuba abroad.

 Some of the diplomats are under pressure to join in these acts, but I know that they will not do so because they are respectful of the Vienna Convention and they know perfectly well what is happening or not happening in Cuba.

He mentioned the existence of a campaign of threats against accredited correspondents in Havana for allegedly not reflecting what is happening in Cuba. He urged to end that harassment

We demand an end to harassment against Cubans or friends who speak out in defense of the government and our people, he said.

He demanded that there be no impunity against terrorists.

The Chancellor defended the right of States to independence and the exercise of sovereignty. He reiterated that our people will exercise their right to celebrate, defeating the measures against Cuba.

They are not going to ruin our celebration.


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