Message from the Greek branch of REDH in tribute to the 5th anniversary of the death of the Commander-in-Chief

For Fidel …
The tree of life has deep roots.
The mountains, their peaks, are the stronghold of the guerrillas.
The legacy of Fidel is in each aggrieved person, in a corner on any street in the world where injustice reigns.
Your struggles leave a deep mark on the land of the humble, on the sweaty brow of the worker, of the woman who works the land, of the child who sells their wares in the cities of the world. For all that Fidel fought and gave, hope, vision, utopia, the example of always being together, next to his people and the other peoples who feel him next to them.
Fidel, thank you for letting us grow with your writings, your speeches, the example of fighting with the same stubbornness on the UN seats or on the peaks of the SIERRA MAESTRA.
We are grateful that you have showered our youth with the elixir of revolutionary truth and utopia. We are lucky to have met you in the course of our studies, in conversations with our friends, in workplaces, factories, in schools, on marches.
Fidel, with you we feel the need to walk in struggle even now that our hair has turned white, because we want to transmit to the younger generations your youthful ideas that never bow, because the trees of life have roots that sustain hope, because the peaks are still deceptions, because our people will always have you at the bottom of their hearts. Because our struggles yesterday, today and tomorrow were also yours.
We will win!

Costas Isychos
REDH Greek chapter coordinator


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