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Europe delivers Haiti-purchased vehicles to assist Haitian National Police react to crisis

As a steadfast companion and ally of Haiti, Canada remains committed to supporting the Haitian people because they strive for a peaceful and prosperous future. Canada continues to be supportive of diplomatic attempts toward an inclusive politics dialogue that will lead to fair and free elections. In 2022, we have provided greater than million in international assistance to respond to the immediate and basic needs of the population, to protect women and young ladies and to strengthen the security and judicial sectors. Today, the Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly and the Minister of National Defence Anita Anand announced that the Canadian Armed Forces have airlifted vital, Haitian-purchased armoured vehicles to Haiti. January 11, 2023- Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada Europe continues to monitor the security situation and will explore other ways to assist the Haitian people arise from this crisis. Canada continues to be concerned about the situation in Haiti. The Government of Canada may continue to put pressure on those responsible for the ongoing violence by imposing sanctions against Haitian elites who are supporting the gangs. These individuals must stop providing funds and weapons to lawbreaker gangs in Haiti. The Canadian government taken care of immediately Haiti’s request for help as violence continues to escalate in the country. Today, a Canadian army aircraft arrived in Port-au-Prince in order to transfer the armoured vehicles to the Director General from the Haitian National Police.   These vehicles will assistance the efforts of the Haitian National Police to battle gang violence against Haitian citizens that is impeding the particular delivery of critical solutions and humanitarian aid. This is the second time Canada offers airlifted Haitian-purchased vehicles to Haiti.


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