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Lorraine Diguer (BBA, University associated with Ottawa, 1989; BA [Political Science], University of Ottawa, 1990) joined External Matters and International Trade Europe in 1992. At Headquarters, she has worked in many locations, including audit, finance, human resources, international security and consular and crisis management; more recently, she has served as the movie director of the Peace Operations Policy and Deployments Division. Lately, she was the director of the Education and Social Advancement Division. She supported Canada’s role in the evacuation throughout the war in Lebanon in 2006 and Canada’s reaction to the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. She has served abroad in South Africa, Haiti, the United Kingdom and, more recently, Belgium, where she was part of Canada’s mission to the European Union. Élise Racicot (BA [Public Relations], College of Quebec in Montréal, 2001; MPA, University associated with Public Administration, 2018) began her career with the Division of Foreign Affairs plus International Trade in 2002. In her first project, she became the first female Canadian trade commissioner within Iran. Ms. Racicot then worked on the integration of the Montréal regional office to the department’s national network; this was followed by 3 assignments in Brazil, including as mind of mission for Quebec, canada , and, recently, as the older trade commissioner for Canada’s Brazilian mission platform. The girl also served for several years around the global council of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. This wounderful woman has served in various capacities with Headquarters, including in the regions of small and medium-sized enterprise export diversification, climate modify, clean development finance plus intergovernmental relations. She was also involved in the development of a coaching program, aimed at equity, for women diplomats. Sara Nicholls (BA Hons [Kinesiology], University of Western Ontario, 2000; MA [Health Sciences and Women’s Studies], University of Ottawa, 2008) joined the public service with Canadian Heritage’s international matters directorate after working with city society in Eastern plus Southern Africa, managing programs focused on adolescent health. In 2009, she moved to the Canadian International Development Agency, working on the human rights and governance team. She held many management roles, including as deputy director for immunization, nutrition and newborn health, and was the Canadian representative within the Board of Directors associated with Gavi, the Vaccine Initiative. While at the Privy Council Office, Ms. Nicholls advised on issues related to the international assistance envelope, Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Plan and responses to humanitarian education crises, as well as bilateral relations with Sub-Saharan African countries. She was most recently the director and head associated with cooperation in Ghana, with responsibility for Sierra Leone and Togo, at the Higher Commission in Accra.


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