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Ambassador Mr. Kalin Anastasov authorized four Agreements for the provision of grant-in-aid

the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria has the satisfaction and honor to inform a person that within the framework from the procedure for the recruitment associated with project proposals announced in the summer of 2022 for the supply of grant-in-aid for the implementation of projects in the field of cooperation with the Republic of Armenia in 2023,   the particular embassy received over thirty-five forms from non-governmental agencies, educational institutions and medical services. Each of the applied projects had been of high social value and fully met the specifications and criteria announced with the embassy.
The Government from the Republic of Bulgaria in the future also will continue to support the particular efforts of Armenian state and municipal institutions, the non-governmental sector and economic entities to implement tasks in the fields of:
– Ensuring common health coverage and access to quality health services;

  1. “Construction of ARMAT engineering laboratory” with beneficiary 131 college Peyo Yavorov – city of Yerevan;
  2. “Building a favorable environment and effective state support tools in various economic sectors to contribute to environmentally friendly development and long-term work of small and medium-sized enterprises in Armenia” using the beneficiary Republican Union associated with Employers of Armenia;
  3. “Improving the quality of education via sustainable innovative technologies” using the beneficiary National Polytechnic University or college of Armenia;
  4. “Provision of Medical Diagnostic Products and Consumables for Malignancy Screening” with beneficiary Nationwide Oncology Center at RA Ministry of Health.

– Ensuring inclusive plus quality education, including simply by improving school infrastructure;
– Strengthening the rule of legislation, good governance and management capacity.
Dear friends,
The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria wishes the beneficiaries success in the implementation of their projects, as we are confident that they will contribute to growing the quality of secondary and advanced schooling, will increase the level of health care with regard to citizens and will help the particular economic development of Armenia.
– Upkeep of cultural diversity plus promotion of intercultural knowing;
In the month of December, right after approval by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria, Ambassador Mr. Kalin Anastasov authorized four Agreements for the provision of grant-in-aid. The projects selected for funding in 2023 are:
– Development of high quality and sustainable local infrastructure;


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