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Foreign Affairs supports all Belgian candidates for international positions

The candidacy of Isabelle Durant for the post of EU Special Envoy for Human Rights is also very important for our country and we support this candidacy. However, the designation is carried out in a different way and requires a different approach. It is HRVP Borrell who has to appoint the candidate after a selection process. So it is not an election among EU member states, but a choice of HRVP Borrell that is endorsed by member states.Through Belgium’s diplomatic mission network at home and abroad, information and clarification on Belgian candidatures is provided to countries or partners participating in a selection procedure. Diplomatic efforts are always geared to the specific procedure for the function. This with a view to maximum impact. There are currently four Belgian candidacies for international positions: Benoit Van Keirsbilck (Children’s Rights Committee), Hans Kluge (re-election WHO Regional Director Europe), Didier Reynders (Secretary-General of the Council of Europe) and Isabelle Durant (EU Special Envoy for Human Rights). The FPS Foreign Affairs defends the interests and values of Belgium and Belgians abroad, as well as effective multilateralism. This includes supporting Belgian candidates for positions in international organisations. Benoit Van Keirsbilck and Hans Kluge also need to be elected by member states of the respective organisations, which requires demarches in different countries. Here also our diplomatic network is mobilised. Didier Reynders has been confirmed by the federal government as the Belgian candidate for the post of secretary-general of the Council of Europe. Regarding the election for the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, the 46 member states draw up a shortlist of at least two candidates. After that, the Secretary-General is elected by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.


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