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Doing work for Belgian diplomacy

During the first part of this year, the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation may also be looking to fill around thirty positions, in various fields, at the FPS Foreign Affairs in Brussels. More information on this will follow. So keep checking the website and social networks, where videos, podcasts and testimonials will gradually give you a tip into the fascinating world associated with diplomacy and foreign affairs. On short notice, the FPS Foreign Affairs will look at strengthening the Belgian diplomatic corps. A ‘diplomatic exam’ will be held this year only in French in order to restore the linguistic balance required by law. The general situations for enrollment, including vocabulary requirements, as well as the challenges of a career abroad will be described during an online information program that will be organised on 20 January 2023, in the presence of by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Affairs and Foreign Trade, and Federal Cultural Institutions, Hadja Lahbib ( link to the information session ). While the diplomatic exam will be soon opened up for registrations, it is paramount that candidates obtain their particular required language certificates through Selor beforehand. Registration for your language tests will shut on January 24 at nighttime. In 2023, the FPS International Affairs, Foreign Trade plus Development Cooperation is recruiting to strengthen its providers, both in Brussels and overseas. Working at Foreign Matters means defending Belgium’s strategic, geopolitical and economic values and interests, representing Belgium in other countries and international companies and assisiting Belgians overseas. A career at Foreign Affairs offers a wide range of topics and subjects to work on: the human approach through consular files; the legal foundations of the international order; the introduction of political and economic partnerships and diplomacy; the defence and promotion of human being rights and sustainable development; international solidarity and growth cooperation. This is done both in Belgium and abroad, within a bilateral or multilateral framework.


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