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Ambassadors to UN and Kuwait Attend Kuwait Presentation in New York

On Tuesday, 5th March 2024, The Bahamas was represented by Permanent Representative to the United Nations, H. E. Stan Smith and  Ambassador of The Bahamas to the State of Kuwait, H.E. Taran Mackey, at the, “Pathways To Progress: Insights into the Kuwait Fund Assistance for Development Projects“, presentation in New York.  
H.E. Stan Smith (center-left) talks with H.E. Waleed A-Behar while H.E. Taran Mackey (far right) looks on.
This presentation was held by the Kuwait Fund to provide clarity to nations seeking funding for development projects in their respective countries.  Accordingly, The Bahamas’ delegation attended to further engage with the Fund on matters recently presented by H. E. Taran Mackey for consideration.  The Permanent Representative of the State of Kuwait to the United Nations and Ambassador to The Bahamas, H. E. Tareq Al-Banai, graciously hosted the event.
From left: Mr. Waleed Al-Bahar, H. E. Taran Mackey and H. E. Tareq Al-Banai


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