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Targeting Russia’s Senior Officials, Defense Industrial Base, Financial Infrastructure Leaders, and Human Rights Abusers

The United States continues to hold the Russian government to account for its war against Ukraine.  Today, we are taking actions against major Russian defense entities, key advanced-technology firms that support Russia’s defense industrial base, and financial infrastructure.  We are also taking actions against a Russian military intelligence agency and against individuals connected to human rights abuses, both in the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine and within Russia itself.
Those designated today — from perpetrators of violence to an official facilitating the purposeful removal of children from Ukraine — provide examples of the behavior that has become synonymous with the Government of Russia’s unprovoked war. The United States will continue to take actions against those who support Russia’s defense-industrial base, its violation of human rights, and its attempts to legitimize its occupation of Ukrainian territory, wherever they may be.
As a part of this action, the Department of State is imposing sanctions on key Russia-installed authority figures in Ukrainian territories currently controlled by the Russian military, and on 31 defense, technology, and electronics entities, to further constrain Russia’s advanced technology industries and their contribution to Russia’s defense industrial base.
The Department of Commerce is expanding export controls against Russia and Belarus by adding controls on items potentially useful for Russia’s chemical and biological weapons production capabilities and items needed for advanced manufacturing, production and development capabilities. This action also refines existing controls on Russia and Belarus to more closely align with requirements implemented by our allies.
Today’s action includes the designation of 22 Russian proxy officials, including five that have overseen the seizure or theft of hundreds of thousands of tons of Ukrainian grain, exacerbating food insecurity around the globe.
For more information on today’s action, please see the Department of State’s fact sheet, the Department of the Treasury’s press release, and the Department of Commerce’s rule.
The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assent Control (OFAC) is designating two entities and 22 individuals.  These targets include those connected to human rights abuse, such as Maria Lvova-Belova who has led Russia’s efforts to deport tens of thousands of Ukrainian children.  OFAC is also targeting leaders of key financial institutions such as Russia’s National Payment Card System (NSPK), an entity owned by the Central Bank of Russia that operates the country’s Mir payment card network, and other institutions that play a role in Russia’s financial market infrastructure.  OFAC also is issuing a determination prohibiting U.S. persons, wherever located, from providing quantum computing services to any person located in Russia.  These actions will continue to impose severe costs on Russia-affiliated illicit actors in alignment with actions taken by our allies.


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