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Israel’s New Government

Today, Israel’s Knesset voted to ratify a new Israeli government under the leadership associated with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.   I look forward to working with the new Israeli government to promote peace, security, and success in the region, and to  improve the interests and ideals that have been at the heart of our connection for decades.   The deep bonds between the United States plus Israel have long been based on an unwavering commitment to Israel’s security and certain shared ideals, including democratic principles and a vision associated with Israel at peace with its neighbors.   As Chief executive Biden said, we will work with the new government  to  jointly address the  many challenges and opportunities facing Israel and  the Middle East area, including the threat from Iran, and will continue to support a two-state solution and oppose policies that endanger the viability or contradict our mutual interests and beliefs.   The United States will remain committed to promoting equal measures of freedom, justice, security, plus prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians alike.


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