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At the Iranian People’s Observance of Shab-e Yalda

The eyes of the world are on Iran. We once again take this opportunity to implore Iran’s leadership to listen to the people rather than violently control them.
Tonight on Shab-e Yalda, we mourn with the individuals of Iran, and we state our commitment to the Iranian people: the United States will continue to deal with Iranian authorities’ human rights abuses and hold the perpetrators accountable for employing violence against their own population through unilateral and multilateral measures, together with our allies and companions. We will continue to support the particular Iranian people as they endure their government’s state-sponsored assault against women and girls.
The Winter Solstice, or Shab-e Yalda as it is known in Iran, would normally be a festive time for many Iranians. It is a time for partying at home with loved ones as the longest night of the year gives method to light – a symbolic triumph of good over wicked. Instead, many families face empty chairs tonight. Iranian authorities have killed countless protestors since peaceful protests erupted across the country three months ago, including dozens of children, and have arrested more than 18, 500 people, according to credible individual rights organizations. Iran’s management has used executions, irrelavent detention, forced disappearances, and sexual violence to stifle peaceful protests by the Iranian people. It appears no behave is beneath the Islamic Republic’s leadership in their attempts to silence dissent.


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