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Ukraine: ‘Multiple civilian causalities’ as new year dawns

Both communities are exposed to heavy fighting, that has destroyed houses, demolished important infrastructure, and decimated access to basic services.     Citing UN humanitarian colleagues, he informed the particular media at the regular daily press briefing that increased violence in different regions of the particular war-torn country caused “multiple civilian casualties”, which included kids and journalists.    

Mounting casualties  

This individual went on to outline some of the life-saving assistance being delivered by the Organization as the combating continues.   “Ukrainian specialists reported more than 50 civilian casualties on December 31st alone”, said Mr. Haq.   According to news reports, a missile strike past due on New Year’s Event in occupied eastern Ukraine produced the highest death toll acknowledged by Russia given that its forces invaded the country on 24 February.  

Aid continuing  

And on 31 December, throughout hostilities in the Kherson area, two children were hurt – one of them a 13-year-old boy who was evacuated to the children’s hospital in Kherson, which itself was shelled in the early hours of New Year’s Day, said Mr. Haq, citing the local governor.     “On Dec 28, an inter-agency convoy delivered food, water, covers, emergency shelter kits along with other supplies from the International Business for Migration ( IOM ), the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), UNICEF (UN Children’s Fund) and the World Food Programme (WHO) to the front-line cities of Lyman and Sviatohirsk in Donetska oblast”.     “Despite continued attacks we, along with our humanitarian partners, continue to provide support to the people in need in the most affected communities”, said the UN Deputy Spokesperson.   The Russian protection ministry acknowledged on Mon that 63 soldiers were killed in the attack when HIMARS rockets hit and reportedly destroyed the professional college, housing conscripts.     “The people who still live in these areas are mostly the elderly and people with limited mobility. ” 

Dozens of Russian soldiers reportedly killed  

Moreover, intensive fighting also proceeds in eastern Donetsk and the Luhansk region, with civilian casualties and infrastructure damage reported “on both sides of the front line. ”    The latest episodes on the capital Kyiv, damaged a hotel, residential houses, and several education facilities, which includes a university.     Ukrainian military sources documented that as many as 400 people were killed or wounded with Makiivka, but there has been simply no independent verification on casualties.  


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