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Secretary-General Calls for Strengthened Focus on Prevention, Marking Peacebuilding Day

Building peace is the raison d’être of the United Nations.  For 16 years, the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission has helped forge sustainable peace around the world.  It has cooperated with local actors and amplified the voices of women and youth.  The Peacebuilding Fund has served as one of the most effective instruments to support conflict-affected populations.Prevention is more vital than ever.  We must address the root causes of conflict, protect vulnerable communities, strengthen social cohesion and invest in peacebuilding.  That is why my report on Our Common Agenda proposes a New Agenda for Peace, with conflict prevention at its core. On this Peacebuilding Day, let us renew our commitment to strengthen our prevention tools and work together to build a more peaceful and prosperous future for all. Following is UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ message for Peacebuilding Day: Today, the world is facing the highest number of violent conflicts since 1945.  The war in Ukraine is shaking the international order and contributing to the destabilization of economies in many developing countries.


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