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Phoning Terrorism ‘an Affront to Humanity’, Secretary-General Urges Being More Vigilant than Ever, in Global Day Message pertaining to Prevention of Violent Extremism

And it intends collective efforts to promote peace and security, protect human rights, provide humanitarian help, and advance sustainable growth. Terrorism is an affront to mankind. Neo-Nazi, white supremacist motions are becoming more dangerous by the day.   They now represent the main internal security threat in several countries — and the quickest growing. Terrorist and violent extremist groups are finding fertile surface on the Internet to spew their own vicious venom. Through placing human rights at the core of all counter-terrorism policies. Today and every day time, let us work together to build more peaceful, inclusive, and stable societies in which terror plus violent extremism have no home. Through inclusion, by ensuring counter-terrorism methods reflect a wide array of voices — especially minorities, women, and young people. We must become more vigilant than ever. It undermines the beliefs that bind us together. It goals people of all ages, cultures, beliefs and nationalities. Following is UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ message for that International Day for the Avoidance of Violent Extremism when Conducive to Terrorism, observed on 12  February: We have to act to confront the task. Through prevention, by addressing the underlying circumstances that can lead to terrorism to begin with.


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