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Pakistan: rights experts urge actions on coerced religious conversion rate, child marriage

“Pakistani authorities should adopt and enforce legislation prohibiting forced conversions, pushed and child marriages, kidnapping, and trafficking, and abide by their international human legal rights commitments to combat slavery and human trafficking plus uphold the rights of ladies and children, ” someone said. “Abductors force their sufferers to sign documents which usually falsely attest to their getting of legal age for marriage as well as marrying plus converting of free will. These types of documents are cited from the police as evidence that no crime has occurred. ”

‘Immediate steps’ needed

The experts said it had been imperative that all victims, regardless of religious background, are afforded access to justice and similar protection under the law. They will noted that the courts had also sometimes “misused interpretations of religious law to justify victims remaining with their abusers”; the police had also failed victims’ families simply by refusing to register the abductions, or dismissing them because “love marriages”.

‘Justifying’ abuse

“We desire the Government to take immediate procedure for prevent and thoroughly investigate these acts objectively and in line with domestic laws and international human legal rights commitments. Perpetrators must be held fully accountable, ” professionals said.

Threat of violence

The particular rights experts – who also report to the Human Rights Council – cited reports suggesting the involvement of religious authorities and the complicity of security forces as well as the justice system; although they furthermore acknowledged that Pakistan acquired already made efforts to legislation prohibiting such unlawful practices. Special Rapporteurs and other 3rd party experts – such as the five endorsing Monday’s statement through the Working Group on elegance against women and girls – are part of the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Authorities. They said they were “very concerned” that marriages and conversions have taken place “under threat associated with violence to these girls and women or their families. ”

Adopt and enforce the law

In their appeal to the government bodies to stop the alleged misuse, the experts warned that teenagers had been “kidnapped from their family members, trafficked … far from their own homes (and) made to marry men sometimes twice their particular age”. In a statement recommending Pakistan to uphold the rights of women and children, the group of nearly twelve independent experts and Specific Rapporteurs, maintained that Pakistan’s courts had enabled the perpetrators by accepting “fraudulent evidence” from them, regarding the age of the victims and their particular willingness to marry plus convert to Islam. The are not UN staff, do not receive any income, and are independent of any kind of government or organising, serving in their own individual capability.


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