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Israel-Palestine: UNICEF warns children are paying out ‘the highest price’ since violence escalates

Since 26 January alone, the  terrorist attack outside a Jerusalem synagogue   left at least seven Israelis dead and three injured, and the  raid of a West Financial institution refugee camp   resulted in the killing associated with nine Palestinians. Just a few weeks into the brand new year, seven Palestinian children and one Israeli child had been killed and many more injured. Secretary-General António Guterres   plus top United Nations officials had condemned last week’s killings, calling for restraint and a return to peace talks. For its part, UNICEF aims at helping young people within a range of ways, from hosting  hackathons   to tackling trauma activated by violence and shift, including support for  12 family centres throughout Gaza, providing psychosocial providers to more than 15, 000 children . Echoing those calls, UNICEF become a huge hit to all parties to de-escalate, exercise the utmost restraint plus refrain from using violence, especially against children, in accordance with worldwide law, stressing that “this must end; violence is never a solution, and all forms of violence against children are undesirable. ”

Participants in a workshop in a family centre at Anqaa society in Jabaliya, northern Gaza. (2016)
This year, news reports indicate that several 30 Palestinians had apparently been killed in the West Financial institution – including a 14-year-old boy.

A similar pattern in 2022 led to the fatalities of more than 150 Palestinians and 20 Israelis in the West Financial institution and Israel.

Kids continue to pay the highest price of violence , ” the statement declared. “As the problem remains very volatile, UNICEF   fears that an boosting number   of kids will suffer. ” Participants in the workshop in a family center at Anqaa society in Jabaliya, northern Gaza. (2016) © UNICEF-SoP


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