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‘Invest in People, Prioritize Education’, Secretary-General Stresses in Message regarding International Day

A Call to Action on Educational Investment and the establishment of the International Financing Facility for Education developed fresh push on domestic and international financing.   And the Summit launched a variety of global initiatives to mobilize support for education within crises settings, girls’ schooling, foundational learning, transforming training, digital tools and eco-friendly education systems. I also encourage countries to place education at the heart associated with preparations for the Sustainable Advancement Goals Summit in  2023 and the Summit of the Future in  2024.   Most of all, I urge civil society and youth to continue calling to get more and better investment within quality education. The theme of this year’s International Day time of Education reminds all of us that “to invest in individuals, prioritize education”.   Expense is critical to achieving Lasting Development Goal  4. Education is a fundamental human right.   It’s the bedrock of communities, economies and every person’s potential.   But , without adequate investment, this potential may wither on the vine.   It has always been shocking in my opinion that education has been given such a low priority in numerous Government policies and in international cooperation instruments. Let’s maintain the flame of transformation burning.   Let’s deliver education and learning systems that can support equivalent societies, dynamic economies as well as the limitless dreams of every learner in the world. Now is also you a chance to end all discriminatory laws and regulations and practices that impede access to education.   I call on the de facto authorities in Afghanistan especially to reverse the excessive and self-defeating ban on access to secondary and advanced schooling for girls. Last year’s Transforming Education Peak gathered the world together in order to reimagine education systems so every learner accesses the knowledge and skills required to succeed.   Over 130  countries made commitments to ensure that universal quality education becomes a main pillar of public procedures and investments. Now is the time for all those countries to translate their Summit commitments into concrete actions that create supportive plus inclusive learning environments for any students. Subsequent is UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ message for the Worldwide Day of Education, noticed on 24  January:


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