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Climate crisis and migration: Greta Thunberg supports IOM more than ‘life and death’ problem

“And therefore , there is a need of solidarity and co-responsibility for the fate of those populations that are already today going through in their daily lives the human suffering attached to climate change. ”    Climate migration can not be dismissed, the pair agreed, and finding options for people to stay, for people on the move, and for people to move, is vital.      

‘Chain associated with events’

“IOM can be thankful for the generous contribution from the Foundation, and we are proud to cooperate along with Greta to raise more awareness about the impact of weather on migration, ” mentioned Mr. Vitorino.       António Vitorino, and Ms. Thunberg said they had “found a lot common ground” during a latest discussion about the impact of global climate change on human mobility. “This is a question of life plus death for countless of individuals having to flee because of the environment crisis, ” Ms. Thunberg said.

‘Life and death’: Thunberg

“The ones who are being a lot more seriously hit by climate change are the populations that have less contributed in the past for your problems that we are confronted with, ” said the IOM chief. “We need to assistance people before they shift, we need to support people while they move, and soon after, it’s a chain of events, ” Ms. Thunberg said. “We need to think naturally like in any other emergency. ” More than fifteen million people in Somalia and Pakistan alone require humanitarian aid due to the current extreme weather events, IOM estimates. UN Photo/Cia Pak Ms. Thunberg outlined the complementary actions of IOM and young environment activists. With 20 million people displaced every year because of climate change, there is an immediate need to prevent global environment crises and address the impacts of climate migration, said IOM.

Raising awareness

Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg, speaks at the opening from the UN Climate Action Peak 2019. “Everyone has a different role to play. Organizations such as IOM are vital in supporting people impacted by climate change, and those of us who can help you [IOM] in your work should do therefore. And those of us who can increase our voices to talk up for migrant justice plus climate justice should do so , ” she said.     The donation from your Greta Thunberg Foundation is helping the UN agency continue its emergency reaction to affected communities in both countries. The Greta Thunberg Foundation has donated 275, 1000 Euros (around 9, 000) to support IOM ‘s emergency response to the historic floods within Pakistan and the crippling drought in Somalia.

Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg , speaks at the opening of the UN Climate Action Summit 2019.
Mr. Vitorino said he or she was “fully aligned with all the Swedish activist, adding that her generation was “a source of inspiration and of strength and being relentless in addressing this huge challenge from our experience in the field. ”   

Here’s a link where you can learn more about IOM  Immigration, Environment, Climate Change and Risk Reduction activities .    


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